TikTok vs. Music Industry, Remote Work, 100 Days of Ukraine War, and The End of Plastic? | Ep. 14

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  • Published On: 2022-06-06 21:22:27
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This week we talk about TikTok’s battle against the music industry, discuss views against remote work, 100 days since the Ukraine war and how things have changed since we first spoke about it, ColdFusion’s new video on AI generated enzyme eating plastic, and much more.

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00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Comments of the Week
03:25 – TikTok vs. The Music Industry
10:30 – A.I. Generated Enzyme Eats Plastic
14:27 – 100 Days of Ukraine Invasion
22:54 – Netflix Starts Hunting Down on Password Sharing
30:31 – Spam Message Epidemic
31:46 – This Week In Elon…
40:31 – Global Labor Shortage
46:00 – COO of Meta Steps Down
57:57 – LeBron is a Billionaire Baller
1:00:48 – Ford to Move Online for EVs
1:04:50 – Insider Trading in NFT Marketplace
1:08:50 – Q/A

Enjoy the episode!

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Produced by: Dagogo Altraide, Tawsif Akkas
Shot and edited by: Brayden Laffrey

  1. re: 31:03 I've been getting those exact same messages! I talked with one for a bit, to see if I was speaking to a human or an AI, and I think it was a human! Probably some dude, though.

  2. I think the main reason for the labor shortage is that individuals in governments (especially here in the UK) are making a tonne of money out of the student loans scheme. When I was 17 they had a lady come in from the student loan company telling us not to worry about the loan and it would be easy to pay off. This meant everyone wanted to go to university and take on these loans because we were sold the "uni lifestyle" which in the UK is just mainly adopting a ketamine habit and not learning anything of significant value as people treat it as a delay to the entry of adulthood… because of this no one is doing apprenticeships or going to college resulting in significant labor shortages. I work in renewable energies in the UK and there are so many projects that are struggling to get going due to the lack of insulation installers. Sadly I only see this situation getting worse as a record number of 18 year olds started university last September🙃🙃 also what the student loan people don't tell you is that the interest rate is higher than the payback scheme (percentage of monthly income) and so your loan is still increasing year on year even if you are paying it back! Selling bad loans to 17 year olds as a government body sounds a bit dodgy to me but 🤷‍♂️

  3. Microsoft has reportedly ordered PC manufacturers to abandon hard disk drives (HDD) for solid state drives (SSD) across all future Windows 11 devices. Any comments on that? Until when PC users will be able to use HDD or their older laptops?

  4. I love this podcast, was directed here by cold fusion. Great content. Love from South Africa. Wanted to add that LeBrons' Springhill company is media and entertainment, since Dagogo seemed to not know what it is. It has many shows on cable T.V. and they produced the New Space jam movie…

  5. here in the US I think most folks would say "America", or maybe if the context also has South America we may just say "the states". From my experience Germans say USA.

  6. I don't have an issue about the Musk thing, I sort of like it, but nope I won't be applying there. At the end of the day I'm on the work to live side of things, not the live to work side.

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