Tom MacDonald – The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever [REACTION/DISCUSSION]

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Wassup Blite Nation! We are back with another reaction. We are reacting to “The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever…I Can’t Believe They’re Doing This To Us” with Tom MacDonald.

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  1. 3 things here.. these decisions came from way higher than a local office …you’re taking a bite out of the big money machine and they don’t like it…and they don’t like the narrative of your music and so they won’t give it a platform.. end of story

  2. Tbh this is why a LOT of us older folks who got to stand in lines to buy our favorite artists CD when they dropped, refuse to buy digital albums. Younger folks weren't there to see when everything switched to digital, is when our favorite artists started getting screwed. They can put any nuumber out and change digital data but they can't do that as easy with physical sales. Plus a lot of people don't realize, that at anytime the internet could "crash" (and we have been "warned" about this for years) and you can lose EVERY SINGLE DIGITAL ITEM you have EVER purchased. But I will still have my 700 cds 🤷 I did purchase the digital copy of THE BRAVE to help them out, but it is the ONLY digital album I have EVER purchased. But I also have my physical copy. It is all about control 😭 I really enjoyed this reaction so please keep spreading the truths ❤❤🙌

  3. I enjoyed the conversation you guys had. As an independent artist myself, I have been screwed over by this data collection company a million times. By the way wannna know what that company is? MRC Data (formerly Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen Music Products) is a provider of music sales data. Established by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett in 1991, data is collected weekly and made available every Sunday (for albums sales) and every Monday (for songs sales) to subscribers, which include record companies, publishing firms, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV companies, and artist managers. It is the source of sales information for the Billboard music charts.

    The company operates the analytics platform Music Connect, Broadcast Data Systems (which tracks airplay of music), and Music 360. ** Anyways, shoot them an email, tell them how full of shit they are. Everyone should. Much Love from #HangOverGang **

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