Tom MacDonald – The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever | Reaction

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Welcome to Hip HopTV where you get Real Reactions Today, we are reacting to Tom MacDo9nald – The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever… This Is My (REACTION)


(Tom MacDonald – Mac Lethal Sucks” (MAC LETHAL DISS) | Reaction)

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  1. SCREW THOSE F🤬🤬🤬ING A🤬🤬HOLES!!!! Let's use this and fight back. The world needs Heroes. The music industry needs to realize what hangovergang is made of. All of us in the hog gang needs to realize we are all made of. We are the few, we are the strong, We Are The Brave. It is us-against-the-world of the music industry. Let's go gang gang, let's stand up and fight against the music industry. We will not let the music industry destroy everything that Tom MacDonald spent his life trying to build. Don't let the music industry think that we won't fight against them. They think they can stop us let's have then question whether they can really stop us. For each of us we have been against the music industry since each of us joined hangovergang. The music industry has brought it all and won, the music industry is undefeated those assholes think one man will not change that but you see that's where these people screw up. They say great power comes with great responsibility and you know what else comes with great power ignorance careless mistakes the ability they have to vastly underestimate Tom the man that they think they as the music industry think that they have power over Tom MacDonald is not alone. The music industry thinks they can lock him up, hide him away shoot him down like a dog in the street. We can promise they won't kill Tom MacDonald his word, message, vision and his spirit will live on through hangovergang forever. When Tom said it was him against the world of the music industry he was mistaken it is not Tom against the world, it is Us Against the World and hangover gang went through music industry hell to get where we're at Tom has been fighting for himself and independent artists everywhere and we I'm not going to sit down and we won't shut up and we will not quit and we will not back off. Hangovergang is not going to let the music industry destroy everything that independent artists have spent their whole lives trying to build. It's hangover gang forever let's go and win this fight against the music industry. Remember we are the few we are the strong We Are The Brave. #hog #screwthemusicindustry #usagainsttheworld #thebrave

  2. I'm only half way through, but I can tell you aren't quite understanding the situation. Tom sent screen shots from the backend of their online store. This mean proof of purchased albums from individuals. Assumably including partial credit & debit card numbers. It was the exact proof they required, but they were shocked at the sheer volume of sales and didn't want to give him credit for said sales.

  3. Is data collecting company just an algorithm or bot system?? The responses seem like a bot not understanding or computing senerio because algorithm wasnt designed for this and obviously not a self learning bot,
    So when email shifted to someone else eventually is probably first time they may actually be speaking to someone and not a cheap bot running numbers

  4. I bought The Brave physical Album too, but confused why everyone only talking about Tom and Adam is on CD too all 19 songs and was Adams first ever Physical Album so it's not only Toms fans but Adams as well and they do have some separate fans and digital Album was a first for Tom, he usually only released singles digitally and Physical albums so the numbers being so high does make sense, also Nova fans, struggle Jennings fans and Madchild fans
    He's upset because they're calling the guys liers by saying impossible they sold so many independently and compared them to others ….????? Others? Like who there aren't anyothers

  5. I haven't finished the video, yet, but before I forget it: backend access to the store means, they have access to everything that's going on there. And all the CDs are ordered AND payed through the store. So even if you were a programmer and set up the store system to show fake numbers, you still have the money trail. Plus of course the emails, shipping address, etc of the buyers, shipping confirmation from USPS, …

  6. Tom has never entered a album to the charts until now. All his billboards he has is from individual songs he released videos for and when he got his first one they actually went back and gave him some for previous songs also

  7. They just aren't familiar with a base like the #HOGarmy. I personally purchased seven (7) physical CD's and pre-ordered on iTunes and Amazon. The music industry doesn't relate and HATES IT!! Thanks for making this reaction and spreading the message! #HOG❤️

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