Trevor Noah Subtly SHADES Will Smith & Chris Rock Oscars Slap At Grammys

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Trevor Noah doesn’t seem to want a repeat of the Oscars drama on music’s biggest night. The “Daily Show” host emceed the 2022 Grammys and kicked off the show with a monologue that appeared to throw subtle shade at the slap heard ’round the world. “We’re going to keep people’s names out of our mouths,” he teased.

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Trevor Noah Subtly SHADES Will Smith & Chris Rock Oscars Slap At Grammys


  1. Trevor is shaking in his pants. Imagine if he got smacked for every unfunny thing he said .. the guy has literally made a living by somehow managing to always find a way to be unfunny

  2. I knew that one of stand-up comedians will be Humiliated on stage one day. Someone will take it extremely by shooting a stand up comedian with their silly jokes that are serious.

  3. I need to see just who won at the grammys and the performances cuz at least with the Oscars I can understand you know not knowing about who won but the grammys I didn't even see myself and I actually saw it last year. I have a lot of catching up to do

  4. Will Smith ❤️ he only proteccs!
    His wife is a self centered abusive woman
    Chris rock insulted a lot of people and he did deserved it 😅 please turn on your brains common folks

  5. Trevor Noah your'e like a jada impersonator!
    This is Johnny Depp x Amber all over again!
    Will Smith ❤️ he proteccs!
    His wife instigates and abuse him!
    Chris rock dont care though it's K-A-R-M-A
    he's a standup and his comedy centers on insulting his viewers, the gov't, and a lot of A listers he had it coming 😅

  6. Christopher Julius Rock who is better known by his stage name “Chris Rock” is a comedian is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, and film director. As a professional talent stand-up comedian, he has years of experiences of writing and performing jokes folks will laugh about for many years to come. Plus, as an experience professional talent stand-up comedian, not to mention his age of maturity, Chris Rock definitely knows the kinds of topics for jokes that would be consider not appreciate although there rights to freedom of speech and expression as well as there are limits to extreme.

    Chris Rock is not only talented, mature, wise, and funny, and I have enjoyed some of his jokes. Be that as it may, there are limits to jokes that I wound [NOT]find funny and would not enjoy. For instance, jokes about women medical conditions are not funny. For instance, breast cancel. Jokes about a mother who lost her new born child while giving birth are not funny. Or jokes about the death of a woman during her pregnancy, at delivery, or soon after delivery is not only tragedy, but it’s not funny. The joke about Jada Pinkett Smith medical condition is not only inappropriate, hurtful, unacceptable, but Chris knows better than that because is old enough to know right from wrong with his maturity and years of experience as a stand-up comedian. Right?

    His joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair lost should have never occurred. If he only knew the people's possible struggles and impact of her medical condition which is called alopecia areata which leads to acute hair loss has not only on her, but her beloved family. Alopecia is a automimmune condition which occurs when body's white blood cells start attacking the cells of hair follicles, which leads them to shrink and slow down hair production. While his inappropriate jokes should have a accountability to apologize to Jada Pinkett Smith and her family, Will Smith’s actions were inappropriate and unacceptable as well although I completely understanding why his emotions about the joke was triggered.

    Black men needs to learn how to love, respect, protect, support and stand up for black women. Chris Rock disrespect to Jada Pickett Smith not only deserved a slap for that kind of joke, he should have never been slap. Will Smith and Chris Rock, and all men should learn a lesson from this avoidable situation because both men are old enough to know right from wrong. And two wrongs don’t make it right. Black women, and all women deserve respect.

    Bullying or certain kinds freedom of expression as well as speech doesn’t make it right even if everyone is jumping in the band wagon. Screw the band wagon. Men, please respect women, and avoid violence to stand up for women. Stand up for women the right way. Chris Rock too, needs to apologies to Jada Pickett Smith because his joke about hair loss medical condition was disrespectful and inappropriate. If she was my wife, I would request that he and I meet after the Oscar’s back stage out of the public’s eye, I might would have wanted to something to the effect to want to, or maybe not physically assault Chris Rock, but a good talk and demand for respect and apology is the right and appropriate circumstances for the best resolution. Where is her apology…No disrespect! 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  7. I am shocked that no one approached the victim immediately after the incident. I'm disgusted that the perpetrator was hugged and supported and the victim was ignored. It is an indictment of the hypocritical and heartless character of the people who have supported the perpetrator and ignoring the victim They should be deeply ashamed of what a disgusting character they have

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