What is BLACK OCEAN: The Darkest Secret Of The Entertainment Industry


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  • Published On: 2022-05-30 07:30:01
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Lightsticks are an essential part of K-pop culture. K-Pop fans own beautiful lightsticks to cheer on their favorite artists. Each fandom has its own lightstick (and some with several versions already). Fans bring their lightstick to concert venues as well as other events. Lightsticks mean a lot to fans and idols.

It is a sign of passion, unity in the fandom, and love for the artists. Fans cheer on their idols with these lightsticks, and idols receive energy from them. Now, you may be curious about what the black ocean means.

A Black Ocean is a common trend in which audience members switch off their light sticks and phones to show their disapproval of the artist or group on stage.

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