Why The Music Industry Hates Artists Without Teams | Mindset Mondays

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Without a team you will not make it the music industry. You need to treat your career as a business and build the right framework. Brandman Sean, Co-Founder of Contrabrand Agency, gives you the tools to take the first steps.

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  1. The best way to start building your team is by connecting with other artists in theses comments who are also looking to build a team and see how you can be beneficial to them. KEY POINTS: Make sure your vision is easily understood, Do royalty splits and give credit to everyone involved in making your song, don't be afraid of rejection, don't look at others as your competition. Only compete with yourself.Be a team player. Keep good communication, let your team know how important they are, remember some people will be direct team members ex. Producer, videographer. and some be indirect team members. Ex. Fans who share your music.

  2. most of people want to work for money so most indie artists do not have money to pay people even some services to help them to promote and market their music so what you will tell artists in such situaiton? not easy to have serious, reliable and passionate people to work for beginners artists right

  3. Hmmm I never knew it was about a team, I just always thought it was only about talent, and if you can write hit songs or not. I'm an introvert but starting a team or band does sound pretty cool.

  4. I just come out with a ideia of building a team recently and I see know that connections is so important, 'cause every artist that is starting to push out their career need to have a finance control of the money invested, networking helps a lot, somethings we can get for free a lot of things, just chasing services with others creators.

  5. Eveyone has fked me over. I have no friends, little connections and little family. I do wish to have more though. Trial and era has taught me my best and biggest success is with ME MYSELF AND I as sad as it is to say

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