Ariana Grande (Cat valentine)"but those are our names" Part 1#shorts

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Part 2🌟

  1. This is meant 2B funny haha, butt in real life Apple sued McIntosh Labs, an Audio Company established 1948, over the Apple computer name Macintosh that they started using in 1983 because it sounded too much like theirs. I'll bet they would have sued the tree too if it had any money

  2. Years after the fact this pisses me off now that I know that the spelling already nulls the cease and desist since the difference between 'salmon cat' to 'sam and cat' on writing is what matters

  3. Wow way to say to kids watching this show they can’t name something the same name as something else even though it’s a completely different product. Yah I can guess why that did that. It’s so another generation will believe this bull shit lie and never use the same name as a big corporation even is it’s something far removed from what the big corporations are making and doing.

  4. I mean thing with that is you need to prove that people could mistake your brand with the brand your sueing and frankly I doubt in that context anyone could

  5. I find it interesting how iCarly and it's spin-offs distribute so much false information about how contracts work.

    For example in this case Salmon cat and Sam and cat are far enough apart that they don't violate a copyright claim.

    Secondly that copyright from the 70s is probably dead especially if nobody knows what it is because part of renewing a copyright you have to be actively using that character that's how Mickey mouse has been able to stay around so long because Disney keeps recycling that character

    And finally in no way are they encroaching on the original concepts market you can have multiple copyrights that look similar but are copyrights under different markets. For example if someone started a TV show called Walmart that wouldn't violate the copyright of the Walmart that we all know unless that show is about people working at a retail store called Walmart

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