Billie Eilish and brother Finneas talk about their 1st Oscar nomination l GMA

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  • Published On: 2022-03-09 19:53:54
  • Video Published/Author: Good Morning America
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The award-winning songwriting siblings are recognized by the academy for their 007 song, “No Time To Die.”

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  1. Billie. I adore u. I really do. But don't let people to change your original look.
    This black hair and so much make up making u an average look. But u aren't avarage. You are outstanding so pls keep your beauty pure.

  2. Actually it feels weird that it’s been a long time I first listened to her music. I am happy she made this far, she’s beautiful, talented, and has people she holds close to her.

  3. Billy looks amazing in the all-black emo rocker chick style and makeup. That's how I always pictured how she should dress up, not with green hair or blond hair. The dark hair really makes her beautiful blue eyes stand out.

  4. He’s always have to be part of her… it’s like her shadow, you’re not the star, Billie
    Is. Fineas is producer writer etc… stay in your lane, let Billie by herself! Y’all are not a duo group smh

  5. I hope they both stay so humble and always remember where they came from and where they’re now ♥️ they deserve this fame and I hope billie an Justin become amazing close life long friends. I know they met and he’s always there if she needs him but I hope they can hang out go places and do things friends would do ♥️

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