Coke Studio | Season 14 | Pasoori | Ali Sethi x Shae Gill। Bangladeshi Reaction


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Let’s transcend boundaries and bridge distances through compassion, love and identity.

Coke Studio 14
Curated & Produced by Xulfi

Song Narrative: Ali Sethi
Written by Ali Sethi & Fazal Abbas

Composed by Ali Sethi & Xulfi
Music Arranged by Abdullah Siddiqui & Sherry Khattak
Music Produced by Abdullah Siddiqui & Xulfi

Mixed by Xulfi


Ali Sethi – Vocals
Shae Gill – Vocals
Kami Paul – Electronic Drums
Haider Ali – Synths & Backing Vocals
Melvin Arthur – Synth Bass
Syed Awais Kazmi – Acoustic Guitar
Payam Mashrequi – Synths
Arsalan Hassan – Mallet Station & Backing Vocals
Haider Ali – Baglama / Mendolin
Haroon Daniel – Octapad

Original Music:

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