Coke studio season 14 | Phir Milenge | Faisal Kapadia x Young Stunners | Indian Girls React

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  1. Faisal kapadia is actually have strings band which is a biggest band in sub continent and they have directed many seasons of coke studio and they are music directors and very famous in india . So don't say we don't know Faisal kindly first browse about Faisal . thanks

  2. Love you guys " SPREAD LOVE & HUMANITY " All the BEST from SCOTLAND U.K. Viewers & Listeners keep it up and beat those haters and Leave JUNKS behind. TRUST ME WE WILL BREAK THEM

    From SCOTLAND 🗣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤🇵🇰❤🇮🇳✍✍☝️🗣👈…….

    This is exactly ???? a simple proof that Pakistan " NATION OF A BOUQUET OF RICHEST QUALITIES HAS ON THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH "

  4. That’s true Faisal bhai is one of the legendary singer composer producer and also rulled Bollywood music industry with the band name Strings you may heard the song from Movie zinda starring sanjay Dutt John abraham zinda hoo mai also listen to their song dur
    And they also produced 4 season of coke studio from season 7

  5. 🗣📢 Note .. Please downsize the subtitle. Because the beauty of the video diminishes
    A beautiful new explosion from Coke Studios 🔥
    Great reaction from both of you .🧡🌷🖤

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