Ed Sheeran says copyright case was about honesty, not money – BBC Newsnight

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Ed Sheeran has said his recent High Court copyright case over one of his songs was not about money but honesty and standing up for what was right. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

In an exclusive interview with BBC Newsnight, the singer-songwriter said he now films all of his songwriting sessions to protect against future claims.

He said he did not have a choice but to defend his work in court.

A judge ruled on Wednesday that Sheeran had not plagiarised the song Oh Why by Sami Chokri.

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  1. Regarding Ed Sheeran's comment about 8 notes and a few chords, and millions of songs:
    The human face is made of about 8 things or so (say 'notes'): such as 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose and a mouth, and a few other things (say 'chords') like hair and skin type and colour. There are literally billions of human faces.
    …and yet, Ed…and yet they are all so vastly very different.

  2. With this kind of music it's impossible to create a new song that is not similar to something else that has been created before. The whole music history is based on getting inspiration from other artists. Imagine blues players dragging to court the first rock and roll artists for using the same chord progressions. There would have been no rock , no metal , no extreme metal , nothing.
    On top of that add the fact that an artist can get inspiration and not even know where they got it from .You can hear a melody while shopping for groceries and 6 months later you think it's your own idea and make a song.How can someone check all the music that has been released to make sure ?At this point it's impossible to be ''original'' even if you write jazz.

  3. Ed sheeran…adam levine..alot of the people who defend their simple theft as creative sharing or whatever…were born RICH. They just dont see the big deal lol. Do yourself a favour and starting ripping off eds songs.

  4. Media corporations sue small fan films or videos or take down videos for having music in the background and people dislike it.
    But a popular singer can take someone's music and people are fine with it and support them

  5. I'm not a fan of his music particularly as I like heavier stuff, but I'm a fan of him as a person and can see that he's obviously very hard working and talented. He comes across as a really decent guy who I'd like to go down the pub with. This is obviously not about money for him (he has a lot!) but artistic integrity which I totally get, and if he samples anyone he always contacts them and credits them which is fair play. There are so many bitter people on this thread, I for one enjoy watching decent and hardworking people being successful. I was particularly impressed by his Glastonbury set when he just stood on the stage with zero frills, on his own with his guitar and loop pedal and the crowd were in the palm of his hand. Long may it continue for him.

  6. Ed has won the case. However there are a bunch of his songs he has recycled and turned them into his own.. he is creative that way. But its not fair taking old songs and playing about with them to make your own song. This is why the music industry really sucks!

  7. Sheeran is an utter confection of the music industry with a team of writers and producers behind him. The fact that musicians with hardly any money even make it to court despite the wall of million dollar lawyers Sheeran and team have, should tell any misguided souls about the probability ratios of him and his team having plagiarised many of his songs. He doesn’t have any one distinct style, has demonstrably plundered forty year old soul hits he and his team thought were forgotten and produces lyrics equally composed to a ready reckoner of past songwriting.
    Not talentless but certainly not original.

  8. all these hate comments here are making me ded laughing. y'all are not even scratching to what this guy has. calling this guy talentless? that's just plain bullshit. 😂

  9. So many songs Ed so familiar I think oh Ive heard that , no it's just the comforting sounds of Ed 😭🤣behave your even smiling about being sad 😀🙄……

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