How Eminem Really Makes Music | Deep Dive


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Timecodes – 0:00 – What Eminem is really like in the studio
0:30 – 1:00 – Eminem being one of the greatest writers of all time
1:00 – Eminem’s writing process in the studio
2:00 – Akon talks about Eminem treating rap like a job
3:00 – 50 Cent talks about Eminem’s work ethic
3:00 – Eminem is involved in his whole process
3:15 – Just Blaze talks about Eminem editing his vocals
3:45 – Scott Storch talks about Eminem working on sound effects
4:00 – Eminem’s inspiration for writing and thinking about rhyming
4:30 – Eminem talks about his process for coming up with rhymes
5:15 – Rihanna talks about working with Eminem
6:00 – Why Eminem still writes his rhymes down in notebooks
6:30 – Yelawolf talks about Eminem memorizing his lyrics
7:00 – Eminem told 2 Chainz that his metaphors give him anxiety
8:00 – Rick Rubin talks about Eminem’s writing
8:30 – Jadakiss recalls Eminem talking about Til I Collapse
9:00 – The Game talks about working with Eminem
10:00 – Just Blaze once told Eminem he was a little bit off beat
12:00 – Tech N9ne talks about how Eminem brings out the competitive spirit
12:30 – Eminem invited Kendrick Lamar to the studio to test if he had ghostwriters
13:00 – Nicki Minaj talks about working with Eminem
14:00 – Eminem joking around in the studio
15:20 – Joe Budden talks about Eminem’s content
15:45 – Eminem talks about the difference between rapping and rhyming
16:20 – Kendrick Lamar talks about Eminem being the greatest
17:00 – J. Cole talks about wanting to sound like Eminem growing up
18:00 – Eminem talks about rhyming the word Orange

There are few people who take their craft as seriously as Eminem does. If 10,000 hours is the mark for mastery, this man could teach a masterclass on rhyming.
In this video, we’re going to take a look at what it’s really like to work with Eminem in the studio, from his writing process to how he collaborates, straight from the mouths of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent and more.

Script Written, Voice Over and Produced By: Jeremy Hecht

Video Edited By:
Kevin Bernardez

Additional Research & Production: Josh Svetz

Thumbnail By: JR Martinez

Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian

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