Reacting Bhober Pagol | Coke Studio Bangla Season One | Nigar Sumi × Jalali Set


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Reacting another Coke studio Bangla episode Craze is #RealMagic

#Bhoberpagol is the craze that is in all of us. The craze that sets us apart, sometimes they may be dubbed as the odd ones, but it is the uncommon and the outrageous dreams of our lives that makes this world truly magical. The Bhober Pagol in each of us, is the “MAGIC” in us.

The song ‘Pagol Chara Duniya Chole Na’ is collected from Bengali folk music and popularized by Lalon Band. The rap in the second part of the song is an original piece written by the Jalali Set and Mehedi Hasan Ansari describing the frenzied drive of humanity.


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