"She's So Sweet" Justin Bieber Reacts To Selena Gomez Apologizing To Hailey Bieber

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  • Published On: 2022-05-26 20:30:19
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Justin Bieber Reacts To Selena Gomez Apologizing To Hailey Bieber

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If you noticed any similarities or even some strange attitudes in the Selena video, you are not wrong, you are not crazy if you saw the videos well, and believe me, you were not the only one who noticed a few strange things. So, Selena Gomez has been pretty active on tick-tock, and a lot of people are either happy about it or concerned about her strange jokes about her excessive drinking.

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  1. And when you gonna talk about her racist tweet??
    And then copying her clothes, jewelery and even what she says??
    When are u gonna talk about hailey mocking selena on her stories???
    And hailey using all this drama for her upcoming skin care??
    And how she even copied that idea?
    And how justin treats her shitty??
    When will you talk about justine skye shading her?
    When will you talk about how hailey stalked her fan accounts?
    When will you talk about her stalking justin every where??
    And if you wanna talk about the past why not talk about the time when kendall and gigi took selena to dubai so hailey could spend new Year with justin.
    Honey….that's a lot of content you see missing and wasting. We even have proof if u need

  2. I don't believe that Selena is a bully..
    This whole video u shading Selena.. shame that girl has gone through major depression due to justin..

  3. HB will never be at Selena Level ever. All HB is good for was sleeping around with different men. IMO and per info out in the public Domaine. Who the F cares what JB thinks about SG she walked away from that liar and cheater. Leave Selena alone already. The more You envious liars try to lie on her the more God Blesses her. It's not her fault HB and KJ love and honor the Devil

  4. You are so full of BS. Stop lieing about Selena. Your just trying to smear her name. Selena didn't do anything wrong. NOTHING. she never apologized to Hailey either. Because Selena didn't do anything to that compulsive pathological liar. Why don't you go do something productive with yourself that matters. Instead of spreading BS for HB.
    Hailey can't stand that Selena is better then her. That Selena actually gives a crap about people. It isn't fake BS or hiding behind Kendall and her family because they ate sponsoring HB product. Anyone stupid enough to purchase products from woman who have bullied and humiliated other races and constantly attack Selena to make Hailey Happy are cowards and fakes.
    Other sponsors to. Who the F keeps going on with lied. Selena doesn't have to apologize to that Liar HB. And guess what you lie Selena never apologized to HB. In her dreams HB and Kendall wish they Would hear that from Selena. How the F people sponsor brands from Hailey and the Kardashians is beyond me. Kendall and Hailey are known bullies who love making racist remarks.

  5. I'm sorry Sister,… But you don't have all the facts thank you… 🤭💯 Are you serious right now? LMFAO 😭😭😭💯 KARMA HAILEY REMEMBER??? LMFAO 😭😭🤭👿🐍🤨🤫✨💯 !!! Miss Selena Gomez did not apologize to Haley at all. She was making a statement as to her fans or to anyone else it she thought it might have give them some type of feeling that she wasn't trying to make fun of Haley Baldwin but that she was just doing something that she was wanting to do that she thought would be hilarious so therefore once again miss Selena Gomez is in somebody else's drama popping b***** like Haley's oh my God now I'm having inside and stress and depression. Laughing my ass off!! All I'm going to say to you Haley is join the rest of the freaking world you're not the only one who has the same thing in the same problems but maybe even more and don't act like you you're a snake you're the devil you know what you've done now karma is coming! Have a nice day Haley!!! 😁🤭🤫🤗💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. I personally didn’t like Selena’s music but loved every show and movie she was in. I’ve never even heard of hailey meaning she’s not relevant and I love Selena hailey I don’t care for. Selena is so sweet and gentle. Also how could you copy someone by putting on skin care y’all are nitpicking at this point it’s annoying. SELENA ALL THE WAY

  7. Why are u making all these hate theories…why do you want people to hate selena? Stop making videos like this, clearly you are a Hailey person and so u are all one sided

  8. It always puzzled me,why guys choose ugly girls over pretty ones…
    Selena looks like a sweet girl and the Hailey looks quiet self absorbed… As life shows, guys are often drown not to those,who love them and care about them,but to those, who don't give a shit a out them… Most likely this is the case

  9. what is hayleyy said?? leave me alone and be miserable somewhere??? do u own tik tok girl? dude she always childish and annoying like who the fuck you are campared with?? with selena??? selena didn't do bad things, the haters justtt gonna hate !! leave selena alone.. we are happy to see that girl active on social media than haileyyy !!! we need selena's update than haileyyy updateeeee okay. Im done with this channel

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