Strict Rules Ariana Grande Makes Dalton Gomez Follow


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Strict Rules Ariana Grande Makes Dalton Gomez Follow

Things have been moving fast for Ariana Grande these last few years. We were all shocked
when she announced her relationship, engagement, AND marriage all in one year. Everyone
was just trying to keep up with what was going on. Most of Ariana’s previous relationships
never ended well so the fans weren’t getting their hopes up with this one either. Ari proved us
wrong. But being the husband of one of the most popular women on the planet is not easy
and the highly publicised life can get pretty stressful. So there are certain rules that Dalton
has to follow for this relationship to last.

Marrying someone as famous as Ariana comes with its pros and cons. And although the pros
outweigh the cons, rumors are a big part of Ari’s life. So Dalton will have to just ignore them.
The best way is to just stay as far away from them as possible.

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