The Downfall of Taylor Swift’s Street Style + BODY TYPE

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Hello ladies! Taylor is my biggest muse. I have poured over every outfit she has graced us with over the years. Once I discovered that she was a Dramatic I found her looks even more interesting as she plays with her lines in really interesting ways. She has threads and patterns running across her style through the years.

This video is perfect for you if, like me, Taylor Swift is your church. This would also be great if you have a Dramatic body type and want to learn how to dress more sweet, boho or edgy.


0:00 intro
1:43 body/face/colour type
4:17 the 5 street style eras
5:21 debut-speak now era
7:45 red era
11:41 1989 era
15:36 bleachella
17:53 reputation-lover era

You can find my page @bodyandstyle over on TikTok where I have over 400’000 followers. Discovering the body types changed my life and that’s why I want to share it with you all.

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  1. i feel like during the lover era her body changed..her features got softer and rounder hinting to romantic..there were many new softer styles according to that

  2. I think it's a little problematic to mix up body/facial features and personality traits. Not to mention this weird way of putting women in boxes severely restricts their way to express themselves through fashion.

  3. I think when she started especially during Debut & Fearless era..she's still searching for her own image as a 'country artist', which explain the country's 'vibes' associated in most of her style back then.
    I think she started to find & feel comfortable with herself during Speak Now era & by Red era onwards, she's already comfortable with her own image & styles..
    We MUST remember, she's living & navigates those years according to her age & being teen myself & growing up with her, i guess there were times when we look back at what we wore, we were 'cringe' 😊😊😊

  4. I'm not a fan of Taylor's music and think she has played the victim a bit in the media but I did love her street style in 1989 era . I remember seeing her in the magazines a lot. I wish I understood her hype girls have with her music but she sure can dress.

  5. Look as someone who went through an eating disorder, it was incredibly difficult for me to dress the way i wanted to. Taylor has mentioned her that she was going through an eating disorder in the 1989 era. Hence the Rep-Lover era was her probably getting adjusted to a healthy body. Believe me when I say its incredibly difficult to accept your body post an ED, at least it was for me.

  6. I think the dramatic change in direction from rep/lover is her trying to find what she feels comfortable in+ her separating her career from her day-to-day life.
    – When Rep was released, she had stopped caring so much, her priorities shifted so it was not nearly as cohesive as it was before. Her tour outfits and her street style are very different (unlike most of her previous eras where Taylor was pretty consistent on and off the stage). She is exploring her style in a body that looks and feels different. IDK if you've seen the Miss Americana documentary but Rep not succeeding awards-wise compared to some of her earlier works really affected her. She says something along the lines of "I have to make a better album." This leads us to Lover.
    – Lover seems like an attempt at going back to the old era model without giving up on the comfort that she had found in certain shapes/fabrics/styles when she was out of the public eye. In the music videos/few performances, everything is consistent color/structure-wise. BUT she separates her personal wardrobe from the performing wardrobe. The compromise comes in the colors she wears, she wears a lot of colors that match Lover.
    – It'll be interesting to see her style when she starts recording new music, maybe she goes back to the matching performance/streetwear tactic or she completely separates the two and wears something completely different than what her tour/album aesthetic is.

  7. I never really liked Taylor Swift, she is not from my music era. And besides, she broke up with Country for the more glitzy "pop" music. (I liken it to breaking up with a boyfriend) It looks like she was dressed by a stylist during those early years. She may have switched stylists during those casual years. She did have some really great outfits and she did not appear out without looking perfect.

  8. the lover era of her street style really doesn't do anything for her body type because there's so much rounded clothing on her that makes her look wider and shorter than she is. I know Taylor has said she's gained weight, she sees it as a positive that she's not as thin anymore. However, even with more weight on her, she still rocks dramatic structured clothes rather than the clothes that cut her off at the waist and don't emphasize how long she is and are basically too soft for her body type.

  9. I like your critique because it seems to come from a purely rational place where you specifically break down why it doesn't work on her body rather than a less sophisticated "snap judgement/hot or not" type video where your own preference is the only rubric.

  10. I absolutely agree that she looks most intimidating during the 1989 era – it’s just perfection. Clean, crisp. Sharp. Everything is so in harmony and it makes her energy so strong!! I remember being in awe during that era

  11. I think she just stopped caring about the celebrity life tbh. She cares more about her personal comfort more than the publics now.

  12. Hiii ,i had a question everyone says my body looks the best whenever I wear dresses and that I look better than when I'm wearing jeans ,which body type do I fall under pls ?!

  13. Reputation was released late 2017. Taylor didn't build any image before she dropped her reputation album, she disappeared for a year. Remember? She only uploaded criptic clips on her insta before lwymmd's premier on mtv. Also she didn't do any publicity for that album.

  14. Need some help I've just recently pinned down what I think are my body and essence types but I can find almost no real solid info on how to use this information to build my own wardrobe.

  15. What a lovely video!! I'd love to see you do this kind of analysis for Ariana Grande — her style has changed a lot over the years!

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