The Era of Justin Bieber Copycats

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To put it simply, Justin Bieber came at the right time, with the right music, and the “perfect”appeal. From lesser teen pop acts to short charted pop stars, they all wanted their Bieber reign.

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  1. I remember watching Greyson Chance’s “Unfriend You” music video (on I think Teennick) at my grandparents house and I legit thought he was Bieber.

  2. He's going to need all the copycats he can with this disease he has now. He'll never be able to sing again and people think the treatment are going to magically work on a celebrity if they do it definitely shows money talks.

  3. You are so biased. You make videos calling everyone out on things they did when they were 13/14 without knowledge for views even when they apologised, and have only ever been good. But Justin is where you draw the line. Why not discuss his racist past? Bias too much?

  4. Justin Bieber really made an impact for what music industry would turn out to be aftet his debut. Every year or every other month a video of " the next Justin Bieber" would go viral but that can be a limit to this guys as artists. I'm glad they all found their own persona as musicians and cut the whole Bieber comparison for good. Justin remains one of his kind for the 2010's and has accomplished what is probably the hardest thing in the music or entertainment industry overall. Longevity.

  5. Things that diminished his popularity and fandom is his breakup with Selena she really set him up on whole another level she cried and acted like victim which made people relate with her and than he got married suddenly which made him the villan for choosing to be happy people like dramas , her fans accused him of cheating which they both did to each other she was also got rejected by zyan when she was with jb and than after they came together many says she cheated on Weeknd for jb and jbs marriage made him loss his half of fandom i liked his new album alot but it's not getting much recognition and his engagement on social media is also falling bcuz of constant hate train I've seen every other fandom target jb on twitter and insta it's not locals but fandoms who shit in the comments i was so frustrated in the beginning seeing all the hate for him than I've realised it's not locals but it's fans of Taylor and selena mostly , he definitely made every boy jealous in the start just BTS Makin boys jealous and as soon as they found spot to criticize him they jumped but his comebacks are stronger than ever i always see Taylor Swift fans hateing on yummy song for not being good lyrically but songs like wap are there fvrts , yummy is literally the most viewed and liked music video of this decade of 2021 , his pulling this numbers after 12 years and also he have 4 music videos to cross 500 million views and so many billboard top 10 hits after 12 years no matter how much people put effort to bring him down he will never go down bcuz of his imanse popularity

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