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Play 10 famous Bollywood songs only on single chord on guitar.

This song is for absolute beginners. Learn this easy guitar lesson on single chord in just one day.

Impress anyone in just one day by playing this easiest guitar cover in any get together or in a college fresher’s party.

This tutorial includes 10 songs on single chord. Stay tuned with me till the end to know all the amazing songs that can be played only on one chord.

There are two options, either you can play these songs using strumming pattern or plucking pattern.

List of songs:
1. Dil sambhal ja Zara 2:18
2. Tera zikr 3:24
3. Gulabi Aankhen 4:07
4. Tu hi haqeeqat 4:27
5. Baatein ye Kbhi na 5:06
6. Sun raha hai na 5:54
7. Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga 6:13
8. Mere mehboob 6:39
9. Wada raha 7:24
10. Kabhi jo badal barse 7:58

Specially to all the beginners, write down your doubts & queries related to guitar in the comment section.

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