10 Of The Best Western Soundtracks

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10 of the best Westernmovie soundtracks!!!

10. The wild Horde

9. Lo Chiamavano Trinita

8. Django

7. The magnificent Seven

6. My name is Nobody

5. For a few Dollars more

4. Farewell to Cheyenne

3. A Fistful of Dollars

2. Man with a Harmonica

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  1. I was about 6 years old , my parents gave me and my brothers 50 cents each and we would walk to the Saturday matinee and watch 3 movies for 35 cents. When I saw The good ,the bad and the ugly, I knew I was watching something special like when Star Wars first came out.

  2. One of the most recognizable era of cinematography… it's sad that the majority of zoomers are completely oblivious to those films (and I myself am in my early-mid 20s)

  3. A far too biased selection! Only spaghetti western or almost. I like Morricone a lot but where are Elmer Bernstein (only once for the magnificent 7), Dimitri Tiomkin, and especially Jerry Goldsmith? Not too serious for a classification!

  4. #2 For a Few Dollars more & #1 is The Good , The Bad & The Ugly as the most iconic Cowboy Movie Music ever! Stay Safe & Thank You So Much for Sharing Amigo! 🌷🌿🌍💖

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