1996 | Michael Jackson's Year In Review | the detail.

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After a life-threatening medical emergency and the announcement of his divorce to Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson bounced back in a big way with numerous music video shoots, live performances and high-profile public appearances in the first half of 1996.

Controversy and tyranny from the worldwide press was never far away as Jackson embarked on his HIStory World Tour. While on the concert series, Michael Jackson caused pandemonium where ever he went, which was only heightened by the news that the King of Pop was to become a father, and his shocker marriage to longtime friend, Debbie Rowe.

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00:00 – 1996 Rewind
00:05 – 01/1996 – Holidays in Disneyland Paris
00:18 – 01/18/1996 – Lisa Marie Presley Files for Divorce
02:04 – 01/25/1996 – Films ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ (Prison Version)
03:38 – 02/11/1996 – Films Video in Salvador (Pelourinho) & in Rio de Janeiro.
05:23 – 02/19/1996 – Performs ‘Earth Song’ at the Brit Awards in London
08:08 – 03/01/1996 – Police Interrogation Tape
08:45 – 03/19/1996 – Press Conference Announcing Kingdom Entertainment
09:16 – 04/05/1996 – 6-Week Shoot for ‘Ghosts’
09:52 – 04/16/1996 – ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ is Released
10:59 – 05/09/1996 – Attends the World Music Awards
12:14 – 07/02/1996 – Films ‘Stranger In Moscow’
13:00 – 07/16/1996 – Performs Royal Concert Live in Brunei
14:24 – 07/18/1996 – Visits South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s Birthday
15:54 – 08/1996 – Rehearsals for the HIStory World Tour
16:39 – 09/07/1996 – HIStory Tour Begins in Prague, Czech Republic
17:50 – 09/1996 – Tours Eastern Europe & Russia
18:31 – 10/07/1996 – Performs in Tunisia, Africa
19:33 – 10/1996 – Tours Asia
19:50 – 11/04/1996 – Father To-Be News Hits the Press
20:45 – 11/08/1996 – Arrives into New Zealand
21:16 – 11/14/1996 – Marries Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia
22:56 – 11/1996 – Tours in Australia
24:08 – 11/1996 – Molly Meldrum Interview

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  1. I love this time of Michael’s life. The HIStory tour was fun to watch. I feel he was working very hard to make positive changes in his life during this period.

  2. He did some fantastic work in my birth year. But I'll never understand the lyrics being so talked about. Especially in the stance that everyone gets heated over any anti-Jew(Semitic is a large group that isn't all Jewish) thing they think, but will berate the hell out of black people, black lives, and a black man that had to prove to the damn public that what they tried to paint him as, wasn't who he was. I love They Don't Really Care About Us. But it still stands today. It's why we can talk about the Holocaust when America was doing worse. America was Adolf's blueprint. Always remember that. I just wish he could have been treated like a human. Like people are acting with Kendrick. They don't owe you shit. They're human, not gods, not role models, just artists.

  3. " I truly love people very much " Don't we all miss him saying " I love you " always ? What a powerful message it was listening to that as a child ! It made me think positively about the future and yes it influenced me as a kid✌️💓

  4. Although you could see the child he was traveling with who he supposedly molested in this collection of videos. It was quite unusual to see a lone child as part of his entourage….creepy

  5. Michael Jackson is greater than God. He is our Jesus everything he's ever done was magical he could never do any wrong. He's the greatest species to ever walk on any of all the planets in the atmosphere.

    -All you weird ass Wacko Jacko stans.

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