5 EASY Steps To START Playing Drums! – Beginner Drum Lesson


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Here are 5 easy steps to START playing drums. Play drums with this easy beginner lesson!
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Learning how to play drums can be super confusing for all of you beginner drummers out there. But in this easy beginner drum lesson, I’m going to teach you how to play your first drum beat, your first drum fill, how two set up your drum set, drum with proper technique, and much more! So get ready, because your drumming journey starts now! With these easy beats and fill, your building an awesome drumming foundation!

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0:00-0:18 What you’ll learn in this beginner lesson
0:18-1:30 How EVERYTHING on your drum set has a purpose
1:30-2:40 How to perfectly set up your drums
2:40-3:42 How to play with the right technique
3:42-5:22 Learn your first drum beat!
5:22-6:02 How to make constant drumming progress
6:02-7:43 Learn your first fill!
7:43-8:56 BONUS Fill!
8:56-10:20 The biggest key to drumming!


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