5 Tips For Playing Drums In Church – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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Thousands of drummers around the world play in church every week. For some, it’s their first ever experience playing in front of a crowd. Some churches choose to hire their musicians, so even if you don’t usually play in church, there’s a chance you might get a call one day asking if you want the gig.

Stephen Taylor has been playing in churches since he first picked up the sticks, so he came up with a set of guidelines you should keep in mind when performing in this environment.

  1. It's also imperative that church musicians connect with the whole service. Bring a bible, listen to the preaching, write notes and engage with the sermon. Accept correction from the more experienced musicians with humility and meekness. Most of them have lots of knowledge which they'll gladly share with you if you're humble.

  2. I’ve been taught the worship team prompts the worshippers (congregation). and there is an audience of one (God).
    This makes sense to me and helps me keep focused.
    As far as dynamics: I’ve seen too many drummers keep time by “banging” 1/8 th notes by on the ride (or even crash cymbal) with the shoulder of their sticks. It becomes a distraction.

  3. And one final peeve – bet there a little early! I played drums on worship teams for almost 30 years (playing bass most of the time now) and the musicians coming in late and/or not prepared was REALLY irritating.

  4. This lesson was spot on. I had to learn these things on my own with a little help from the other worship team members at my church. Now it is automatic what adjustments I have to make when playing and what to play. I have been playing at my church for about 15 years now and I still think about those tips every time I get behind the drumset.

  5. I started as the percussionist in my church at 14. I'm 18 now and understand (and have used) every point you brought up. I haven't been able to play in church for about a year and this video brought back so many memories. Thank you for this. 🤗

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