Ariana Grande Finally Reveals The TRUTH About Her Plastic Surgery

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Ariana Grande Finally Reveals The TRUTH About Her Plastic Surgery

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Ariana Grande Finally Reveals Truth About Her Plastic Surgery

INTRO: Ariana Grande sure shook things up on the screen after appearing as one of the judges in The Voice season 21. But it wasn’t just her appearance as a new coach that made some of the fans’ tongues wagging. It was, in fact, her face. Was it plastic surgery? major weight loss? just new make up? We have all the tea!
Ariana Grande has been in the spotlight ever since she started her music career at age 15. Born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, she rose to fame when she bagged the role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious and Sam & Cat. While portraying her bubble Nickelodeon character Cat, Grande’s appearance was fresh-faced, with plump cheeks, and, a bit of a wider nose. Her signature pony-tailed hair was still not her thing back then, instead, she was sporting a red head back then. Now after decades of appearing on screen, Grande’s facial features have drastically changed. A lot of her die-hard fans have speculated that the singer-actress had a lot of things done to her face. And after appearing recently on The Voice Season 21, her fans have questioned is Ariana Grande really an all-natural beauty? One fan wrote in twitter “No cuz Ariana Grande stans dreally think their fav had nothing done.. sweetie, she’s had tons of plastic surgery!” Twitter user “Vic” posted “did Ariana Grande get plastic surgery or botox or something? She looks kinda different.” Another fan of the pop-star even shared that “Ariana Grande 100000000% has plastic surgery ppl know that… right?” as posted in twitter. Now we are starting to wonder too, could it really be true?
Grande may have been fresh-faced when she started her career, but after more than a decade in the entertainment industry, it can also do a lot of changes to a person’s appearance. The petite pop princess has grown up right before our eyes. We may not have instantly noticed the changes to her appearance, but at the age of 28, it is very noticeable that Grande’s facial features has changed dramatically. A comparison of her childhood photo and her current photo has been circulating the internet world. The before and after photo of Grande showed that she previously had a much paler complexion, thinner lips, and, a wider jaw and nose compared to her recent photo wherein she has a much-pronounced jaw, smaller and thinner nose, thicker lips and, a much-tanned complexion. [ ]. A twitter user under the name @g4yfortay also posted a photo of the singer with the caption “Ariana grande had plastic surgery, now look at this.”[ ]. Some Arianators are also convinced that their favorite singer has done surgery. One fan posted “Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery/fillers/injections/ etc in her lifetime – she didn’t just grow up, noses don’t get smaller, and pointier/pointed upwards as you get older – I said what I said, fight me.” So called beauty gurus have also speculated that the thank you next singer has indeed gone under the knife. In an Instagram post of MyBeautyConsultant, they posted a list of surgeries that Grande has done. The list included surgical brow lift, lip, cheek and, chin fillers, rhinoplasty and, lots of botox.

  1. I rly wish people like Ariana could become more beautiful by looking inside. It’s easier, healthier, and safer than going under the knife. In reality, people don’t care as much about other people’s noses, boobs, and weight as we think. They’d rather be around someone who DOESN’T lie or gatekeep, is super kind (not too “nice” tho), humble, and deep. Selena Gomez is a good example of being beautiful on the inside while she’s still beautiful on the outside!!

  2. I mean c’mon who cares anymore?!?! If anyone had the money that she has than they would pick at themselves and get some plastic surgery done. Every celeb has

  3. When she started doing PS, everything was so subtle that she could lie and get away with it. But now, how can she? It will be to a point that you can’t cover up what you’re doing anymore. Same like those Kardashians/Jenners. There is no way you can lie about it.

  4. A lot of people say things nicely here and dont want to say what they actually think behind closed doors but someone needs to say this for all the girls out there and being an upfront and brutally honest person I'll say it: she used to be so pretty natural, she had this girl next door type face and nice black curly hair and that was her and her italian roots genetically. Now she looks like every insecure instagram idiot that does these plastic surgeries and fillers just to fit in, and gets rid of what makes her face unique and special. She looks dumb now and i like her voice and songs but she was very pretty before and now looks like everyone else. Girls, you don't need this shit you shouldn't let fake social medias make you question your beauty. Be yourself and remember you are unique and that's a beautiful thing in life and no one has a perfect face. If you are really insecure about soemthing ok do one thing but don't reshape your entire face just to fit some idiotic ugly standard. People be looking really stupid today with these surgeries, and i always tellt his to everyone who agrees that this fake stuff has gone too far nowadays.

  5. I don’t understand the negative views on plastic surgery. If a person wants to get their body done, then that’s their business. It’s weird for people to try and shame others; if it makes the person happy why does it bother other people so much. Just because a person gets plastic surgery doesn’t always mean that they are insecure and doesn’t love themselves. If Ariana got plastic surgery, it’s none of our damn business. She’s an adult and doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. I don’t understand why people are trying to force this women to come out and admit she got plastic surgery. Y’all are weird.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery or age-defying procedures.
    That being said, she hasn’t changed enough to speculate on this. Yes, children grow into their features, often bulbous noses end up smaller and turned up. Botox and fillers? Yes, probably. But I really doubt that she had an actual nose job, she has always had a small, cute nose.

  7. Who cares if your a true fan you would not stop. But if you all have so much to say about her (so called surgery) your FAKE .

    As long as I'm not fake. I love Ariana Grande even if she had surgery!!!

  8. People stop!!! So what if she had surgery ik everyone is gonna come at me saying that ari lied about it and stuff but if she lied about she had reasons you dont know whats going on life she doesnt need a buch of haters telling her shes a liar she has her own life and you dont get to know her personal life your lucky to know what you do

  9. She looks like she needs to eat! As a mother, that concerning to me. Makes one wonder if she okay over all. It’s good to be slender and not overweight. I know as women, it’s hard to maintain the ideal weight. Also, we can go overboard with the not eating. Plus I’m sure stress messes with your healthy eating choices. My heart goes to all young women. Celebrities or not.

  10. Of course , who doesn’t ? Almost All actors and singers have done surgeries. If u don’t then u will be less attractive compared to others since every one does it. If u ll be famous get ready to get something done. Hers is a drastic change but still everyone does it

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