Best Strumming Exercise For Beginners and Improvers

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  • Published On: 2017-05-29 15:30:06
  • Video Published/Author: Andy Guitar
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  1. I'm trying to sign up but it only let's me enter my name and email address, then there's option when it moves to option. It just says about giving permission and the privacy details but with no option to accept or move forward.

  2. Just came across this exercise , looks like it's going 2 be a massive help for me with the foot tapping , looking forward to joining your rock courses etc , half way through level 2 of a beginner course on another site , hopefully get that finished then join u 👍 excellent lesson

  3. I always wondered with this foot tapping….at shows I've been to when the guitarists are roaming all over the stage but still sounding great….how does it work then? One guy told me he follows the drummers beat but most times they just know. Nice video!

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