Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift's 'Willow' Video | Pop Culture Decoded

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  • Published On: 2020-12-12 19:15:01
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Taylor Swift released a music video for her new song “Willow,” the lead single off her surprise ninth studio album, “Evermore,” which she’s described as the “sister album” to her critically acclaimed eighth album, “Folklore.” The magical music video is full of Easter eggs and references to “Folklore,” including the songs “Exile,” “Mirrorball,” “Seven,” and “Mad Woman.” The video for “Willow” also references songs from other eras like “Reputation” and “Lover,” and possibly hints at her relationship with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

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Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift’s ‘Willow’ Video | Pop Culture Decoded

  1. I wanted to note about the witch bonfire… I wonder if it represents hoping and yearning to find something… sending out the call from your soul out into the universe — and hoping that the magic will answer you — that another soul will hear that call and find you, or leave a trail to find your way to them…

    Idk if that's it… but that's what I think of.

    She keeps not being able to reach him, or find him, but knows he's somewhere out there… She marches to the spell bonfire, with determination – she'll do & try whatever it might take, to find him and reach him — eventually it works as the golden string reappears & she breaks away to follow it (indicating that was why she was there in the first place? To find the string that leads to him again?) — also shows him there — looking for her too? The spell also working for him as well, as he notices her leaving to follow their thread? And when she reaches the end of it, it's not just to him – it's to him AND her home. Indicating that they are the same. He is her home, more than her house is. Them then leaving the small house representing maybe leaving the loneliness or isolation or darkness behind… and walking into the future together – sure to be bright whatever it is, because they are together.

    The explanation in this video certainly helped to clear up some questions I had. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I find it comforting to know that these same three songs always struck me fiercely as songs that remind me of someone I care about… Delicate, Cruel Summer, – and this one… Willow – I didn't know they were linked or that all three were about the man she now loves and feels safe with and whom still has not wronged her or changed his mind, nor has she… these things give me hope. Not just that her journey has finally brought her to something real and lasting… but that such a thing as real, deeply intimate, lasting, and made of more, not less – does exist. That it is out there to be found and shared. It's so easy to lose hope.

  3. 1 Forest scene reference to get out woods and cardigan
    2 circus scene taylor trap in the Box
    reference to DC movie suicide squad harley Quinn dance box scene taylor and her lover touch circus scene reference taylor swift music video ready for it taylor swift complicated her clone myself robot hole in box circus scene reference to Disney animation and live action Alice in the Wonderland

  4. okay but in the scene where they're all casting spells, maybe it denotes how people are constantly trying that someone falls in love with them and taylor dated people hoping to find love. i guess it shows how she's trying to make people fall in love with her like everyone else around her but she sees the string and follows it and the love interest comes after her which shows how she stopped trying to get someone to love her and ended up with joe because he really cared for her and followed her.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Like cover songs? If you have a minute, I just posted an acoustic cover of Daya. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you like it!

  6. The last scene is also a reference to the last stanza of evermore

    And I was catching my breath

    Floors of a cabin creaking under my step

    And I couldn't be sure

    I had a feeling so peculiar

    This pain wouldn't be for


  7. That is the reason why I love Taylor Swift…😢😢😢 Her easter eggs and lyrics is just like my life right now…A peaceful and private life with the person that you loved the most…💕

  8. I don’t know but for me all I can see Taylor travels the past year back
    Like on the beginning of the video it’s so very 1800s vibe then comes to 1700-1500s vibe then on that hoodie Taylor she’s very 11th or 14th century vibe
    That’s for me only

  9. Red star, is she rerecording Red????!!!!!! Her Hey Stephen mv says that she is rerecording Speak Now. She said that she had 30+ songs for red and only some made the cut. Maybe she is rerecording some in the background????

    Edit: I CALLED IT!!!

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