George Jones – "Mr. Country and Western Music" – Full Vinyl Album

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Musicor Records Mono LP from 1965.


1. [0:00] I Just Lost My Favorite Girl
2. [2:42] What’s Bad For You Is Good For Me
3. [5:07] Don’t You Ever Get Tired
4. [7:27] How Proud I Would Have Been
5. [10:12] Flowers For Mama
6. [13:04] Gonna Take Me Away From You


1. [15:29] I Can’t Get Used To Being Lonely
2. [18:04] Let A Little Loving Come In
3. [20:26] The Selfishness In Man
4. [23:14] Worst Of Luck
5. [25:52] Even The Bad Times Are Good
6. [28:29] The Sea Between Our Hearts

  1. Need to relax fir a few hours after a few busy some sad day. Relaxing few hours with George Jones music 🎶 his singing voice always helps. Love gearing George Jones….before I have to back to the real world.

  2. But there's a beautiful song that's you'll ever hear George Jones sure can sing him no let me tell you he's one of my favorites in the world I wish he was still alive and singing

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  4. If you're not a fan of George Jones, your not a fan of country music..

    I remember my daddy playing this album, he sure loved him some
    Hank, George, Johnny n Merle..N so do i son
    R.I.P. To all the good ol' boys..Y'all are my heroes
    Bless Y'all

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