Guitar For Kids Lesson 1

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  • Published On: 2020-03-31 06:09:59
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  1. Guitar lessons 3 levels of learning, where you will manage to develop and flow with your instrument, whether you want to improvise, create covers, shape your own songs or simply understand the music completely.
    Clases de guitarra 3 niveles de aprendizaje, donde lograrás desenvolverte y fluir con tu instrumento, ya sea si lo que quieres es improvisar, crear covers, plasmar tus propias canciones o simplemente entender por completo la música.

  2. my brother got kicked out and i meant him today and i was crying untill i wanted to play this and i played the song when we were borthers tysm this was all u

  3. Wow. I love that. Hey, I am a beginner and someone was supposed to teach me a basic 3-chord song but, but he just sent me a youtube video. Please can you tell me the chords just by ear and suggest how I should strum? Please explain it under the video, not here, because it is hard to find comments here among so many other comments. Thanks in advance.

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