Guitar Lesson 4 – Your First Riff! [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]

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Welcome to Day 4 of this free 10 day acoustic guitar series!

Today we’re checking out an easy guitar RIFF! Most of you will have heard of the term ‘guitar riff’ before, but do you know what it means?

What is a ‘Riff’?
A ‘riff’ is something we can play on guitar that is short, repetitive and recognisable as a particular song. The riff and song we’ll be learning today is Wild Thing by The Troggs – one of the most recognizable guitar riffs EVER!

Other famous riffs you may like to try include Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple or Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes! However, these are more suited to electric guitar – Wild Thing works for both acoustic AND electric guitar!

Remember – The main purpose of this course is to encourage you to pickup your guitar everyday for 10 days – even if it’s just for 10 minutes!


Day 4 Lesson notes & help: ►►

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  1. I wonder if you'll see this…but I just wanted to say that your lessons have given me hope that this seemingly herculean task is achievable by the meager likes of me. Music is the one thing that makes me happy, and with some additional outside practice, I've learned so much in my first week of picking my guitar up

  2. Andy, Thank you so much for your help in breaking down the finger structure. I have huge fingers but I am learning to figure chords out because of your help! So gratifying

  3. It took me a week and a half on day one, I done day two in half an hour and now I've skipped to day four because I need something more exciting and challenging to play, thank you for giving me the confidence Andy and I will keep using your videos to learn

  4. I am struck , any tips for new A chord , If I lift my fingers a little bit they touch the strings and if a lift a little further I am not able place it back the way it was 😓.

  5. I picked up my brother's guitar out of boredom and I rlly didn't expect to learn in just 4 days .. Thank you Andy, u are great 😄

  6. I have had a guitar for years and tried to learn myself every time gave up but this time when i picked it up and followed your lessons i have finally started to make real progress and learned a lot thanks man really appreciate these lessons.

  7. i keep on seeing comments that say that they got to lesson 4 in only four days, with no finger pain, but man it took me two whole months just to get to day four

  8. Joder!!!
    Tengon la mano grande y el acorde A siempre me a costado ya que no me entran los dedos, pero…..👍 me acabas de dar una solucion 👌
    Gracias a lot !!!
    From Islas Canarias Spain 🙂

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