How are Indian and Western Music Different?

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Indian and western music are two vastly different musical cultures that have, for the most part, developed independently of each other. Today we’re going to look at the one key difference between these two well-developed art forms that starkly distinguishes them from each other: Harmony.

Welcome to ‘Ethnomusicology For The World’, my online lesson series where I strive to help the world better understand and appreciate its diverse musical cultures.

0:00 Introduction
0:39 Focus: Classical Music
1:21 Harmony in Western Music
2:42 Harmony in Carnatic Music
3:50 Freedom in Carnatic Rhythm
5:06 Freedom in Carnatic Melody
6:55 Closing Remarks

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  1. Thanks for a great video! Worth noting also, the term "western" might be inaccurate these days because virtually every country/culture worldwide is using it as its musical foundation (grand-staff notation, chord-analysis, piano-training, studying the European composers, etc.). From "Bach to Rock,'" if you can read a modern pop or jazz leadsheet, then you can read "western classical" also. By contrast, those trained in Indian classical will find musical assimilation not so easy.

  2. Die Welt music hat nicht harmunie sondern hat eine eine perfekte Erfassung der zeit eingäbe und Erfassung durch perfekte Notation .ich bin sicher das Sie ihre eigen Gesang nicht in form Notation ausdrücken können.

  3. Hey bro. So ragams are basically scales right? So is it possible to use carnatic ragams to make western music? For example, western music has minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor etc. Would it be possible to have a carnatic ragam crossover into a scale in western music? Would it lead to new sounds and unexplored territory?

  4. In these capitalist and imperialist times, it's heartwarming to find people like you, who educate themselves of the intricacies in foreign culture.
    Love from India!!!

  5. Can u react and give analysis of different finger style guitarist around the world like marcin , ben woods etc ,
    U r doing great job sir

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