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Happy new year everyone! Our easiest lesson to date! For all of you waiting to pick up the guitar, here is a starting point!

Isn’t it just amazing that we have tabs for guitar! See the string, see the fret, play the song!!

Here are 5 songs you can practice reading tabs with – Free download link for one week.

1 – Nallai Allai Interlude
2 – Ode to Joy
3 – Kal ho na ho
4 – Jingle Bells
5 – Sundari Kannal oru (Melody only)

Thank you Maggie for the fun lesson!

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  1. I m a newbie. But still I want to say "No other crew other than u people is making learning fun, interesting and efficient"❤️❤️❤️

    Lots of love from Coimbatore 🥰

  2. Hi love from Malaysia. I have guitar with me from 4 years and this year 2022 I wanna learn . Your classes look simple to me .thank you .
    I'm not able to download the song can you pls share me the link if possible. 😀

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