K-Pop Songs that are Remakes of Western Songs (PART 2)

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  • Published On: 2022-04-11 01:30:11
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Well, here I am doing PART 2 to the Kpop Remakes. 🙂 There’s still so many for me to cover on this video topic alone. Hope you’re enjoying so far and are learning something! Which ones are some of your favorites? Stay tuned for more PARTs to the other Western Music & K-Pop Inspiration video series!

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KPop Examples, Instrumental, Stories, Ideas, Music Videos / MV, Artists, Groups Mentioned:
Baby V.O.X – Play
Fly to the Sky – For You
J-Hope BTS & Becky G – Chicken Noodle Soup
Lee Hyori – Show Show Show
SHINee – Love’s Way
SHINee Jonghyun – Y Si Fuera Ella
Super Junior-K.R.Y. – What If
TVXQ – Mirotic
TVXQ / JYJ – XIA Junsu & Zhang Li Yin – Timeless
Wheesung – Insomnia

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0:00 Intro
0:50 SHINee – Love’s Way
1:52 Zhang LiYin ft XIA – Timeless
2:57 Wheesung – Insomnia
3:51 Lee Hyori – Show Show Show
4:42 Super Junior – What If
5:41 Baby V.O.X – Play
6:31 Fly to the Sky – For You
7:22 Jonghyun – Y Si Fuera Ella
8:17 TVXQ – Mirotic
9:37 J-Hope & Becky G – Chicken Noodle Soup
10:44 Outro

  1. EDIT: I want to one small correction since I didn’t clarify it fully in my video here. “Mirotic” was made concurrently alongside Sarah’s. Sarah’s just happened to come out before TVXQ’s. I believe SM purchased the same demo and reworked it for K-Pop.

    Thank you all for watching and hope you're enjoying all the videos I've been doing over K-Pop & Western Music. 🙂 There's still more to come! Please do me the huge favor of hitting those like and subscribe buttons for me if you haven't already! Much appreciated and see you around!

  2. TVXQ and Sarah Connor Mirotic / Under My Skin are both original songs. TVXQ did not make a remake of the song. The composer sold the song to both artists with the condition that Sarah promotes the song in Europe/US and TVXQ in Asia. Also TVXQ released a chine version.

  3. Nina is not Western. Your video is about Korean remaking Western right? But then again, Nina is NOT Western. She is a Filipino, an Asian

  4. Gotta make Part 3! You haven't included Ke$ha & GG's Run Devil Run. I remembered one of og fan war on socmeds that time between their two stans. Apparently, Ke$ha's version was a demo and never got released officially but had already leaked and gone viral online. So when SM bought it for GG and was so popular her stans got mad. LOL.

  5. This video and Part 1 has been showing up on my recommendations but I was afraid to click on it because I didn’t want to see my favorite songs on here. Fortunately, none of my favorite tracks showed up on here.

  6. Timeless with Xiah and Zhang ri yin not only beautifully sung but the music video is iconic af.

    Also wheesung’s insomniac had a chokehold on my mp3 and mp4 players.

  7. There’s a Korean song (forgot the title and which group) but to my ears sounds similar to “Pa La Calle” by Coastcity and Luis Fonsi.

  8. If you are going to make part 3, I have two suggestions:

    SHINee – Love Like Oxygen (Martin – Show The World)

    SHINee – Forever Or Never (Cinema Bizarre – Forever Or Never)

  9. How is it helpful to market your song in korea via a different singer? Is it marketed as 'Look at this song we redid after this foreign superstar was successful with it elsewhere!' ?
    I doubt it. I bet the majority of listeners in korea don't make the connection when they see their own idols sing a song. Do they listen to western music at all?

  10. I hope all the authors get their royalties, because, who knows, what has been stolen unnoticed

    Kudos to J-Hope for openly stating where the song came from and the respect he showed to the original

  11. Fun fact. Did you know I I swear I Can Love You Like That all four one sang are actually covers
    I Can Love You Like That written by John Michael Montgomery and I swear bye I John Michael Montgomery but all four one did amazing jobs on the covers

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