Learn Drums Lesson – The Shuffle Groove

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Intermediate Drum Lesson 16

The Shuffle Groove is a bouncy swing influenced groove found in Blues, Rock, R & B and Jazz

  1. Excellent lesson, thanks! I've played drums forever and always been afraid to try a shuffle beat, lol! My only suggestion would be to carry out each exercise for 8 or more measures to give everyone a chance to get each one down. Great job, thanks!

  2. I 've found this beat in still got the blues by gary moore😂😂.. This is the first beat i've been play on drums and the first time in my life.. After that I realize i can play a drum because of that spontanese

  3. I'm a beginner drummer that's been playing for 15 years. I'm 68 and hit a wall so started taking lessons. I naturally shuffle so my instructor has had no luck teaching me 8's and 16's so he decided that if my brain gets the shuffle maybe I will learn to hit the bass dum in the middle. This is really helpful.

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