Madonna – 1990 – The Immaculate Colection

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The Immaculate Collection is the first greatest hits album by American singer Madonna, released on November 9, 1990, by Sire Records.

Track listing
1.”Holiday” (from Madonna, 1983)
Curtis Hudson Lisa Stevens
2.”Lucky Star” (from Album Madonna)Madonna
3.”Borderline” (from Madonna)R. Lucas
4.”Like a Virgin” (from Like a Virgin, 1984)Billy Steinberg,Tom Kelly
5.”Material Girl” (from Like a Virgin) Peter Brown,Robert Rans
6.”Crazy for You” (from Vision Quest, 1985)John Bettis,Jon Lind
7.”Into the Groove” (from Like a Virgin)Madonna Ciccone,Stephen Bray
8.”Live to Tell” (from True Blue, 1986)Madonna Ciccone,Patrick Leonard
9.”Papa Don’t Preach” (from True Blue)Brian Elliot,Madonna Ciccone
10.”Open Your Heart” (from True Blue)Madonna,G.Cole,P. Rafelson
11.”La Isla Bonita” (from True Blue)Madonna,P. Leonard,B. Gaitsch
12.”Like a Prayer” (from Like a Prayer, 1989)Madonna, P. Leonard
13.”Express Yourself” (from Like a Prayer)Madonna Ciccone,Bray
14.”Cherish”(from Like a Prayer)
Madonna Cicconne,P. Leonard
15.”Vogue” (from I’m Breathless, 1990)Madonna ,Pettibone
16.”Justify My Love”Lenny Kravitz,Ingrid Chavez,Madonna
17.”Rescue Me”Madonna,Pettibone

Madonna – Vocals(all tracks), songwriter,producer
Patrick Leonard – keyboards, producer
Jeff Porcaro – drums

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  2. Love this album. These are the songs that turned me onto Madonna in the first place. The classics I remember growing up with in the 80s and 90s. Although recently I’ve grown attached to Albums like Confessions and Hard Candy. These songs are the bomb! Love Vogue and Express Yourself!

  3. Aún lo tengo que bonito recuerdo a un compañero de mi secu eramos unos chiquillos y me decía que yo cantaba muy bonito la isla bonita
    El ya murió y siempre lo recuerdo cuando escucho este disco

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