Meet The First Indian K-Pop Idols (feat. Z-Stars) | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss had the chance to meet the first Indian K-Pop Idols. Thanks to Sid and Priyanka for sharing their stories.

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  1. What does Z-Pop mean?

    The name “Z-Pop” is a reference to the project's target audience, Generation Z. The CEO of Zenith Media Contents, Kang Joon, stated, “Through Z-Pop Dream, we intend to start up a concert brand that will unite Asia as one. These Z-pop stars are a collaboration between this Asian unity and K-pop stars.

    None of the members from this group are Korean. They are all from different parts of Asia, and two of them are from India. This is not a K-pop group! — Asian Boss, Do a better job!!

  2. It's so sad that zpop project fail, bcoz of the pandemic and bad management…i hope all the best of luck to their Careers as well to their private lives. They will be missed so much😢❤ personally i still watch their videos in youtube i am sooo addicted to their songs..💗

    Edit: after reading all coments here, i feel relived and happy now that Zpop disbanded as early as posible… Dahil kung hindi parati silang lalaitin ng mga singkit na racist…mga taong may makikitid na utak mga narcissist…mga cancel culture mga cancer sa lipunan!..

  3. I love the idea. I don't think it's simply a publicity stunt. I love the idea of , not necessarily Koreans, creating groups that are inspired by kpop. Kpop has alot of international fans so this just seems like a logical step

  4. Bro being Indian myself, desi girls need to stop obsessing so much over kpop and other cultures. It’s fine to appreciate them but kids these days are obsessing over it and forgetting their own culture and discarding until their precious kpop idol says namaste, then they come running back to it. They should be investing in india and coming up with their own unique entertainment industry instead of running to kpop. The kpop Indian group is ridiculous.. why do they have to sing in Korean? Why not sing in native language? I’m genuinely ashamed of Indian youth nowadays. They won’t even eat Indian food and eat “cesear salad” and “ramen” to be “aesthetic”. Why not make Indian food “aesthetic”? Stop going behind trends and discarding ur ancient and rich culture. I am not talking about these people specifically, but Indian youth in general. It’s too much of a common thing I’m seeing nowadays. Genuinely worried for the future of our country and culture. Smh.

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