Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (Official Video)

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Official Video for “Speed Demon” by Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson’s “Speed Demon” short film is the ninth and final short film for the “Bad” album and is part of the Moonwalker film. “Speed Demon” includes groundbreaking Claymation by director Will Vinton and is a humorous take on unwanted media attention. In the short film, Michael disguises himself as a motorcycle-racing rabbit to avoid a throng of fans and paparazzi.

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Speedin’ on the freeway
Gotta get a lead way
(Speed demon)
Doin’ it on the highway
Gotta have it my way
(Speed demon)
Mind is like a compass
I’m stoppin’ at nothin’
(Speed demon)
He say, “pull over boy and get your ticket right”

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  1. Hay que recordarlo con admiración por su arte en el mundo de la música un chico que también tenía dolor muy profundo sólo el señor sabía mucho más gracias por tan gran artista

  2. Esse vídeo clipe, que faz parte do filme moonwalker é demais! Eu fico arrupiado quando vejo kkkk.a nostalgia. Era Bad foi a era mais bem aproveitada de MJ, da pra ver comparando ela com as outras que teve muito mais coisas.

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