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wohoi…. 🥳
😀Welcome to Learning Western Singing with Kabuki

✔️ Check out my song (Which I sang in the beginning of this lesson 2),
Today in our Lesson 2 –
we gonna learn –
A. Notes names and Duration
B. Stave
C. Parts of the Note
D. Treble Clef & Bass Clef
•Minutes :-
✔️0:04-0:59- Sketch (my Original song )
Link given here in the description box.
✔️1:00-1:06- intro
✔️1:12- 1:38 – Sketch
(Link given in the description box)
✔️1:52- what we gonna learn Today :-
Basic Music theory
And Importance of music theory
✔️3:14- Introducing Manuscript
✔️5:15- 5:28= In our lesson 2, we gonna learn two important basic things:-
A. Stave
B. Notes names and Duration

Fir … laugh before you start learning ..😄

✔️6:07- Teaching Stave
✔️7:00 – 9:07
Teaching Notes
✔️9:08- 10:37- Teaching Treble and Bass Clef
✔️10:05- 12:59 = Teaching Notes names and Duration
✔️13:00- why Italian terminologies
✔️14:20- Recap of what all we learnt today :-
A. Notes
B. Stave
C. Parts of the Note
D. Notes names and Duration
E. Treble Clef and Bass Clef

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• Learn writing Notes :-
Manuscript pages link:-

👇Link to buy a manuscript :-

• My Google drive link from where you can learn and draw notes in your manuscript.
🤔Q/A :- (as many students ask me)
1. Question:- Will learning music theory from the notes given by you would help us alone to learn it .How will we get to know if we have made the notes right ??
Answer:- Ofcourse it will help but since you would have no one to check whether you have drawn notes correctly or not .So, you will be needing a music teacher to check the same.
So, feel free to contact me..,
would love to help you. 😊

2. Slots Availability:-
Once you contact on the given email or what’s number . You will be contacted and all the details will be given to you regarding the classes as per the slot availability.

🌟Those who wish to join for singing and theory lessons can contact on the given whats app no –
or Email ✉️-
❤️So..what are you waiting for..,

👆Practice every day to become a pro musician 😃.
If you’ve got any question regarding the lesson, you can definitely ask me in the comment box below .
So..what are you waiting for..,

👆Practice every day if you wish to sing like a pro 😃.
If you’ve got any question regarding the lesson, you can definitely ask me in the comment box below .

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Keep practicing
Much love ❤️

  1. Amazing !!!! Great knowledge !! Thanks a lot. All of this is in so much detail and depth !!! I have never seen anybody else giving lessons like these ,on a public platform. Thank you and bless you 😀🙏

  2. लेसन नंबर वन से लेसन नंबर 2 को बहुत बढ़िया तरीके से आपने समझाया है सीखने को बहुत कुछ अच्छा मिला थैंक यू वेरी मच

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