Navigating The Guitar Fretboard For Beginners

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0:00 – Intro

By discovering systems and patterns, the guitar fretboard will start to make sense. Here’s how Ayla demystifies the fretboard.

0:57 – String Names

The best way to memorize the string names is through a catchphrase like: “Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie.”

1:38 – The Fretboard

Every time you move up or down a fret, you’re moving up or down by one semitone. Start by going through all the notes on the low E string and the A string before trying to memorize all six strings.

5:05 – The Fret Markers

A lot of guitar players use the fret markers to memorize fret numbers. The first dot refers to the 3rd fret, the next dot is the 5th fret, then the 7th, and the 9th.

8:07 – Building Chords & Scales

If you play a chord shape that doesn’t use any open strings, you can move it to any key as long as you start on the right root note. The same goes for scales!

10:15 – Intervals

The numbers written in the scale chart are referring to scale degrees, a.k.a. the first note, second note, etc. But these numbers also refer to intervals.

12:38 – The C Major Scale

The C major scale is the same shape as the A major scale shape but instead, you start on the root note of C.

13:59 – The A Major Scale (5th String Root)

Learning this scale allows you to play the A major scale in both positions which also unlocks more of the fretboard so you’ll know where to find all of the intervals.

15:24 – Recap

These systems and patterns are what Ayla still uses in her playing today to help understand the fretboard and uncomplicate music theory she wants to apply to her playing.

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  1. You are a breath of fresh air and i feel blessed to have found you. There is a lot on YouTube and i am trying to find a starting point. I think this is what i should be learning first ? Now i need to get a copy of the fret board and memorize it to play the scales which in return make notes ? Iam just starting out so any info would be obliged. Thank you so much.

  2. 🤤
    I’ve been playing guitay for 10years now still i sat and watched the whole video just because she is soo amazingly cute and beautiful and the way she teaches is just makes you wanna keep listening to her voice and you can just memories everything.

  3. I really appreciate your videos Ayla. Love your approach to music teaching. You have a gift of making people comfortable and not intimidated trying new concepts. Keep the lessons coming

  4. Sorry…for me you are not good teacher….for beginners… better figure out what I mean……your teaching of no use…you talk to much….but not on the guitar figures….talk too much…..

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