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Learn how to play the drums with Sticklibrary! is an online drum lesson and DVD lesson website designed to take your drumming to the next level.
We provide lessons on how to play some of your favourite drummers grooves down to setting up & tuning your Kit! We cover all drum rudiments & techniques getting your drumming tight and in time! Grab your sticks and get online here: was the first online channel for drummers offering aspiring drummers and percussionists the chance to learn online from professional instructors. Site members have an ‘all access’ pass to a continually expanding archive of drum lessons, tutorials, technique tips and related DVD and sheet music products to make them a better musician. We have beginner drum lessons, plus drum lessons for a wide range of styles and techniques such as paradiddle, rudiments, independence, sticking patterns, accents, hi-hats, complex grooves and much more

“Our mission is to provide the best possible experience for drummers of all levels to learn their chosen instrument, benefit from the wisdom of world class tutors, interact with other musicians worldwide, and on a global level be able source a wide range of inspiration and learning resources based around lessons and information streaming directly to your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile device”

StickLibrary offers the best drum lesson methods out there whether online or on DVD, and to that end we will continue to lead the online music learning revolution, and keep defining the future of music education

If you’re looking for the fastest way to learn the drums, you need a progressive step-by-step training system that moves you from one stage to the next with professional instruction.

At you get exactly this – a guided journey that makes it easy for students to establish a solid foundation. Our instructors will take you through the lessons in bite-sized chunks, making it easy for you to build momentum, achieve goals, and enjoy results.

There no short cuts to becoming a great drummer, but with you have every tool at your disposal to become as good as you want to be. Enjoy!

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