Taylor Swift – mirrorball (Official Lyric Video)

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  • Published On: 2020-07-24 09:30:04
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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “mirrorball” – off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: https://store.taylorswift.com

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  1. Y’all I can’t believe no one has mentioned this- taylor made a going away video for her fiddle player Emily that she posted to MySpace which was a montage played to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, now in that song there are lyrics “I watch you spin around in your highest heels” COME ONNN “Spinning in my highest heels, love
    Shining just for you”. You can’t say she wasn’t at least subconsciously influenced—I mean she is a long time fan of DC I just find this so interesting!!!!

  2. I want to write a whole damn essay about how masterful this song is. Especially on the writing/lyrics aspect.

    There’s just so many things to unpack. And I can feel all of them tangled in my mind every time I listen to this song. I’m going to need to spread it all on papers and figure it all out someday.

  3. This lowkey hit home waaaay too close. I guess this song is for the people who seek so much validation from other people, which is a habit they're still really struggling to break, how they used to make themselves uncomfortable just to make their friend/s or significant other to feel comfortable, walking behind the group because there isn't enough space for you, feeling left out almost all the time because you feel like the odd one out and pretending to like and know all of these things just to fit in or join the conversation, trying to have their attention on you just once, even for a second because you feel like you're invisible most of the time, knowing that they wouldn't really notice if you were gone.

  4. No, because this song sounds like you’re outside of an 80’s party dancing together with the one you love and you don’t need to come back because you’re already his mirrorball

  5. eu tô tão cansada de tentar tudo por você, eu tô tão cansada de fazer você gostar de mim como vc gosta dela, poxa, pq vc gostava de mim antes??? pq me tratava diferente? oque ela tem que eu não tenho? pq eu não posso ser quem você ama? pq vc tem que ser tão confuso? ou eu tão iludida? é um inferno ver seus amigos shippando vcs dois em quanto eu tenho que só sorrir e rir pois não posso chorar e dizer pra você na frente de todos eles que te amo, é difícil José, é difícil. eu vejo tantos vídeos de meninas de bem com a vida e eu tento estar assim também, mas esse amor me puxa pra baixo, pq vc não pode PARAR? parar de me iludir e parar de me atrasar enquanto todos estão para frente, fica com ela logo, tô me mudando.

  6. begin again is my most favorite taylor swift song of all time but everytime i listen to this song, i just.. i feel like the vulnerable parts of my body need to be recognized and acknowledged and that what makes me imperfect makes me perfect. okay now i can say this is my most favorite song of all time.

  7. I think this song is about people who get their personalities by 'mirroring' others. The people pleasing kind, the ones who never got to hear their parents say they're proud of them. The ones who are not talented enough to be exceptional, the ones who study overnight and loses focus because they don't have that mental capacity. The friend who walks behind on the sidewalk, the ones who cry their selves to sleep knowing how much of a stranger they are to everyone including themselves.

  8. I'm coming here, I'm annoyed with the media, which makes me look like a clown. they say tay will come to the met gala, but the fact is not there. I believe, Taytay will not come to the Met Gala again, because she is owned by Joe Alwyn.

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