The Economics of K-Pop

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  • Published On: 2019-11-08 21:30:00
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  1. Didn't liked how this video made it seem like kpop is some slave regime when its exactly what football leagues and baseball teams have been doing for decades. Not to mention, even the pop industry in the west "scouts" young people and trains them and has them follow contracts. How is kpop any different from any of those?
    NEWSFLASH: its not.
    People just aint used to foreign culture blowing up :

  2. As a native English speaker, I have had poor success with K-Pop subtitles; to get better engagement with English audiences, I would definitely have the main labels hire specialized translators to make the lyrics make more sense. The choppy English subtitles (which may very well be AI translations from google) make the songs seem more silly, I wish i could read the lyrics in a style that is similar to lyrics of my country’s artists like Taylor swift or drake etc. thanks for the video!

  3. as a japanese who love kpop,I hate those guys who hate kpop
    you guys need respect other culture
    kpop is really popular in japan(but only young japanese.example,10~30years old)
    we don't like racism 😅

  4. Japanese music market is quite important for Kpop, but the relationship between Japan and Korea is becoming worse than before. It is a serious problem.

  5. I have never seen a western artist do as great a show as kpop idols. Like those people are really performing and everything instead of just standing in front of the mic. Like Michael Jackson on steroids.

  6. I dont understand why is kpop called "manufactured" when just two producers Redone & Max Martin makes songs for these singers : AkonAlexey ,VorobyovBilal ,HajjiEnrique ,Iglesias,Jennifer Lopez,Khaled,Lady Gaga,Midnight Red,Mohombi,Porcelain Black, It's Alive,Taylor Swift,Ariana Grande,Britney Spears,Backstreet Boys,Coldplay,Denniz Pop,The Weeknd,Dr. Luke,E-Type,Kristian Lundin,Lesley Roy,Katy Perry,Rami Yacoub,Savan Kotecha,Shellback. I hate it when people call kpop manufactured when they been doing what the west had been doing for decades but just better. So kpop is manufactured but not western pop? Im I missing something.

  7. K-pop of South Korea and Tourism Industry of Saudi Arabia are examples of leaders of respective countries looking for alternative survival tactics.

    Imagine if one of the conglomerate of South Korea fell like Samsung, Hundai, etc or if world runs on 50%+ on renewables, all the leverage be it political or economical vanishes.

    No wonder they are looking for alternatives.

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