This Changes How You Learn Drums Online

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  • Published On: 2013-11-05 00:19:08
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Intro song by Lovers and Liars
Written by Stacy Hogan #StephenTaylor #BestDrumLessons

  1. I learn better when you break it down. If I feel like I can listen to you, thats a big plus.  You actually have a "Radio Voice". which is easy to listen to, and understand.

     A Camera angle from right over your shoulder would be awesome. More of a POV. ( point of view ) . I seem to gain a lot from that too. and a footcam!! 🙂

  2. Man i wish i had the time and money for this. Its alrigt though i will be looking at your video lessons on here till then thanks for the vids to helps a lot and i think maybe camera angles and teaching personal techniques if that makes sence.

  3. My biggest issue with online instruction is that the lessons aren't focused on my weaknesses.  I have a private instructor, and I tell him what I need to work on and he customizes the lessons.  Online, there is a ton of lessons I don't care to learn.

  4. ya know, I only had one problem with your lessons Stephen, and it was that I couldn't tell if they were supposed to be bubbles, or holes on the bit of wood behind you. It bugged me for months. 

    Now you fixed it.. no complaints. 

  5. one thing I find with most drum lesson sites. they don't teach how much you should practice. its fine showing how its done. iv been ask how much should I practice at a minimum. my advice. every Min you get time to practice. then practice. how much do you want to learn. turn the TV off and get them sticks out. what is more fun. drumming or watching soups lol. yes may seem a bit much but the awards will come when your more in tune with beats and rudiments. and it will get to a point you don't have to think about what your doing cuz you know it inside out. hope this helps the beginners. practice practice practice. 

  6. hi you ask what is some of the problems with on-line drumming. one thing i have found. is your looking at the kit as people teach. so reverse look. a look over the kit like your sat on it your self. makes it easier  to pick up what your teacher is trying to show you. 

  7. I feel guilty saying ANYthing negative about what's basically a free service–especially when it's provide by a great teacher/player like you, but here's my two cents, anyway:
    1. Background music is distracting, too loud and unnecessary. Your videos are awesome without them.
    2. Most online lessons from other instructors are just too long. I find I can more easily apply a new lesson quickly and more productively if that lesson focuses on ONE technique/fill/whatever and is no more than 3-4 minutes. I try to squeeze in a video once or twice a week, in between a bazillion other less-interesting but nonetheless mandatory activities. Like, say, making a living ;).  
    Those truly trivial comments aside, THANK YOU for sharing your expertise. I really look forward to watching your videos.

  8. Great to see you back Stephen the biggest problem I would say with on line lessons is alot of teachers go through the lesson so fast and talk you to death gladly your not one of those your improvements look great especially the part of testing and the cover songs I plan on joining my only problem is im in the process of getting a laptop as so as i do im in right now i only have my phone but great job your deffenilty the best teacher on youtube

  9. One thing that I think is holding back online education is being able to get small pointers specific to my playing, I know a few drummers who could play basically whatever you put in font of them. But they don't sound musical. For me that's one of the real strengths of personal lessons, it's all tailored to me and designed to work on areas my teacher can see I'm weak on.

  10. G'day Stephen, I've been going to join for a while now but because i was signed up elsewhere i have sort of put it off, but NO MORE i will be cancelling my other memberships and signing up with the Drumshed in a couple of days. I have thought you are the best for a while now and with your improvements on the site it just seals it for me, so see you in a couple of days.
    Perry from Australia

  11. We should be able to practice rudiments together.. Ect…
    That would be so sick!!!
    But I don't know if you're planing to go that direction.. because it really changes the dynamics of the whole program

  12. So I'm verry exited about it! I think you did a great job with the new Shed, & I wouldn't ask you for anything more. Specially wen its technically a hard thing to do.

    But since you asked… ill answer!

    The biggest improvement you can do (in my opinion) is that the student & you should be able to see all the students. it should be like a huge Skype station, it should feel like real life music school!!! (not like you're watching a blog) I know its hard, Some online schools already have it.

  13. Ok Stephen let me be completely honest with you. I'm Yossi, I've been following you on YouTube & hanging out on your facebook page for a long a long time already. the real reason why I didn't sign up for SDS is because the only place I have internet is on my phone. lol you cant help me :))

    Ok…. I'll anyways get a laptop for school so now lets really talk…..

    I was amazed hearing how cool the new shed is, the palyalongs for each style of music, the schedules, testing, sounds super awesome!

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