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  1. Sometimes i dont just be my charismatic blatant self to everyone i see or have met because i don't know the right icebreaker i mean i just have sometimes care too much to not cause a hysteria. I have been close on the tip of my tongue and i stop myself because this may actually be destined. I open up saying sometimes i have been too close for comfort as that private consveration I once really thought would not happen will occur just do I go to my typical ways to let a person know how I feel when they just maybe can give a damn accurate description of myself. I have walked into rooms getting the signal im moving too slow. I don't quite know how to for once what to say except perhaps this world this journey has really crazy. I know at night to myself im completely for once what to do except wait patiently just go with the flow because i know how it feels needing at least that one consveration. As the archangel anarchist i won't put myself distracted by trival things when something about to open but i dont believe as it now appears. I have not yet had the consveration with this one person that i have held mild resentment mostly to exchange answers explanations. It can just be as simple as its been a while. I have not written anything this personal in a while. Im building my bridge as i follow your lead because doing what im known for doesnt begin to show the deep connection i know now i believe we can both start as friends when that moment comes.

  2. I used to what my destiny was but right now i feel like anything good is going to happen but i have asked myself am.i putting my faith in.the right ppl??? My family not the best for good advice. I have waited here basically 5 years and i always had this deep belief i was the wayward one. The closer i finally get to introduce myself the more uptight i.suddenly feel. Alot of little lies definite betrayals im looking at why has my self confidence completely in the toilet having crises of trust in the same ppl i risked coming over to apologize show respect im hesitant to reach out. I.know it doesn't sound like im making sense but i dont at all have expectations but i should starr to feel and excited. It cant be just nervousness. So in order to have some validation someone wants and talk i.fully believe it wouldn't be against policy to texr or call me please thanks ❤

  3. Thank you Taylor Swift. I think your music helps so many of us females especially transitioning from young girls to young adults. I mean at least me at 24 I mean that. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ VIP!

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